Metal Detectors
White's Metal DetectorsThe finest all-around metal detector.
The new DFX Spectrum is simply unsurpassed in its ability to find treasure older, deeper and smaller items that other metal detectors pass over. DFX brings together the ultimate combination of sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity. You're out and hunting right away, but there are dozens of adjustable features available if you choose.

A revolutionary, new multi frequency method.
Partnered with the target I.D. you get only from White's metal detectors, now DFX uses dual frequency detection to "see through" minerals in the ground and detect coins, jewelry and relics other metal detectors are missing. Hunt in 3 kHz, 15 kHz, or use both together for unequalled hunting.This is concentrated power from the two individually processed frequencies that work best for finding treasure. Detecting together or singly, choose Best Data and the DFX displays data from the most reliable frequency. Choose Correlate and questionable targets, including iron, are rejected. All happening automatically, behind the scenes, while you hunt!

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