Metal Detectors
White's Metal DetectorsSee what's in the ground-before you dig! Sweep and watch the XLT® Spectrum's display without missing a beat. Big, bold VDI numbers read out alongside target icons, and White's exclusive SignaGraph®. SignaGraph®'s bar graph gives you a graphic look at what's in the ground. It's one more key piece of information about whether to dig your target. Pinpointing is more precise and easier than ever. With a flip of the trigger, activate the depth screen and watch the bars to zero in on your target. Five Turn-on-Go! Programs. Plus four more you create, name and store to use over and over.

High tech treasure hunting is as easy as turning on the XLT® Metal Detector and selecting a Preset program.
This is high-performance simplicity and versatility at its best. With 5 expertly-designed programs to choose from, you've got virtually every kind of hunting covered. With a little experience, it's easy to enhance a Preset program for your particular hunting with one of 10 Basic Adjustments like Tone Adjust and Mixed Mode Audio. If you decide to build that "ultimate" custom program there are 29 Pro Options like Tone I.D. and Recovery Speed. All here. All easy to use. If and when you choose.

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